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Core Shed Furniture - Optimise your facility

At UCP Africa we believe that sustainability can only be achieved through well thought out optimisation of all work flows. Client engagement with the supply market is critical to ensure long-term sustainability, which can be achieved. We utilise over 60 years of combined experience in the geological supply industry to design new products to suit your operational requirements. 

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Storage pods

Through our consistent innovations we have achieved a safe methodology to store your core trays and maximise your meters stored per m2 of your facility. UCP Africa storage pods are easily transported due to the uprights being installed on location. Use this to transport core trays to and from remote drill sites to simply transporting trays across your storage facility.

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Roller logging tables

UCP Africa have designed a modular Roller Logging Table. Highly adjustable and able to handle a broad range of different core trays. Angle adjustable meaning geologists can finally log in the comfort of a desk chair. Seated or standing this logging table can be adjusted for your requirements.

Can be fitted with a camera cradle for easy core tray photography.


Pallet stackers

With the simple requirement of a manual pallet stacker, clients are able to stack and move pods around their facility with ease, and within health and safety guidelines. With a forklift, clients can maximise their meters stored by stacking four pods high for permanent archival of core samples.

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