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UCP Africa believes that through innovation, we can provide our clients with professional products which have been designed with the very specific geological functions in mind. UCP Africa's core trays have been designed by professionals, for professionals.

Increased core visibility - Increased core access

2 tsp.


1 cup


2 tsp.


Integrated direction    arrows

Integrated core tray label

Side handle locations - NO sharp edges

Stacking ridges

Drainage holes

Colour coded core tray ends

Patented "Clip" attachment


Zinc-Alume coated steel formed body

UV stabilised plastic core tray ends

Benefits through design

Designed benefits

  • Operates within the Health and Safety standards

  • Safe handling system - no sharp edges

  • Easy assembly - patented clip mechanism

  • Increased core visibility

  • Core accessibility which drive efficiencies

  • Contamination free

  • Composite materials provide benefits of both plastic and steel

  • Highly exportable - flat pack 

  • Decreased cost in transport, storage and assembly

  • Intergrated label and directional system

  • UV stablised core tray ends

  • Drainage holes incorporated into the design

Pre-fabricated design

Cost-effective transport

The unique flat pack or pre-fabricated design of the UCP Africa core trays allow us to maximise the transport cost saving when transporting and storing core trays before they are filled with core. We can fit in excess of 4350 units into a 20 ft container. Contact us for more info.

Core Tray Lids

Secure your asset

Transport your core with confidence. Clip or slide on core tray lids which will secure your core samples and protect them from the elements. The innovative design does not impede stack-ability so each core tray can have its own cover.


Tailor-made colours: Customise your core trays to your corporate colours or mineralised zones – talk with us about how we can assist you with your project requirements.

Core Tray Information

BQ Tray - 02.jpg

BQ Core Tray

  • Capacity: 6.79m

  • Core Tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 50mm

  • Core sizes: 0 - 36.4mm

  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 380mm

  • Meters stored per Carton: 169.75m

  • Depth Markers included: 57

  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton

  • 25 units per Carton

NQ Tray - 02.jpg

NQ/NQ2 Core Tray

  • Capacity: 4.85m

  • Core Tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 62mm

  • Core sizes: 36.5 - 50.5mm

  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 390mm

  • Meters stored per Carton: 121.25m

  • Depth Markers included: 41

  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton

  • 25 units per Carton

HQ Tray - 02.jpg

HQ Core Tray

  • Capacity: 3.88m

  • Core tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 74mm

  • Core sizes: 50.5 - 63.5mm

  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 420mm

  • Meters stored per Carton: 97m

  • Depth Markers included: 33

  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton

  • 25 Units per Carton

PQ Tray - 02.jpg

PQ Core tray

  • Capacity: 2.91m

  • Core Tray Dimensions: 1045 x 370 x 97mm

  • Core sizes: 63.5  - 85mm

  • Carton Dimensions: 1050 x 380 x 430mm

  • Meters stored per Carton: 72.75m

  • Depth Markers included: 25

  • 2 Paint Markers included per Carton

  • 25 Units per Carton


Core Tray Lids

​Secure your core for transport or simply add extra security for sensitive core samples

Available for all core tray sizes​​

  • Clip/ Slide on and off

  • Does not impede stack-ability function

  • 25 Lids per Carton

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