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Optimise and Digitize with ScanIT

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Digitize your borehole with ease

Gather undistorted core tray photographs easily in the field or at the core shed using UCP Africa's unique core tray photography methodology.

Precise time-effective depth referencing

ScanIT locates and uses optical character recognition to read each UCP Africa core depth marker and start depth registering your borehole as the image is imported. The geologist must then allocate any forced/natural gaps and/or loss/gain zones to accurately depth reference your core run according to logging best practise procedures.

Precise structural logging

Log a planar feature with three clicks of the mouse. Immediate QAQC analysis available through pop-up Stereonets and Orthographic representations.

Import logging parameters for all features

User defined logging parameters can be imported into ScanIT to allow users to accurately log their features. Whether it be Primary or Secondary Lithologies, Planar Features or Lineations - add your project specific logging parameters into each feature to obtain complete Lithological and Structural logs which are exported into Excel format for ease of data transfer.



3D representation of your borehole

Scroll up and down your borehole from all sides. See how planar features would interact with each other. Conceptualise underground geology. See potential lines of intersection of features.

Stereographic  representation of data

Plot your structural and lithological data onto a variety of  stereographic  representations. Observe how features could interact with each other. Sort your data and view circular mean with standard deviations of your data sets. Contour your poles at a push of a button.

Stitched image

Generate a stitched image (without gaps and core breaks) to scroll from surface to target, showing all lithological or structural information. Exportable in .pdf or .png


All data obtained is exported from ScanIT into Excel spreadsheets which is easily imported into various modelling software programmes.

Exported Data

ScanIT exports your data into an Excel Spreadsheet to your user specific requirements. All exports can be adapted to be incorporated into data base management software packages or .csv your files to be imported into mine modelling software programs.


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