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Revolutionary and Innovative Image Capturing of Core Trays

UCP Africa’s ScanIT Photo’s Application forms an integral part of UCP Africa’s innovation journey to empower the Geoscientist by streamlining processes while simultaneously fostering inexpensive technical rigor.

The App facilitates the scanning of a core tray utilizing a lightweight extruded camera cradle and an iPhone APP that simply entails the sliding of the iPhone housed in the cradle over the core tray to produce a high resolution, undistorted image of your core tray. 


The aluminum cradle is very versatile and fully adjustable to accommodate all core tray types and weighs just 4.1 kg’s. The cradle can thus easily be moved from tray to tray and negates the need to move heavy trays around, contributing significantly to a safe working environment.

UCP Africa camera cradle.

The ScanIT Photo’s App is an Apple-based application that is free to download from the Apple iStore. The Application via the iPhone is used for high resolution image capturing, storing and naming, so you can essentially store your whole core shed in your pocket by project name and borehole ID thus saving the geoscientist valuable time from manually numbering and naming each tray. Multiple images can also be taken either as a wet, dry or a duplicate image.

Example of a core tray image that was labelled by ScanIT Photos app

CP Africas iPhone app: ScanIT Photos

There is also no need for cumbersome hardware to transfer the two files generated by the ScanIT Photos app (one file containing the core tray images and a .scanIT file used for ScanIT’s digital logging tool) as, these can seamlessly be transferred from the iPhone App via Wifi onto any device.

The files generated by ScanIT Photo app.

The Benefits of the ScanIT application

The ScanIT photo’s application provides the geoscientist with the following valuable benefits:

  • Safety: no need to move heavy trays around to the image station

  • Versatility: Cradle can be adapted to all core trays

  • Consistency: all images are uniformly generated with high integrity

  • Productivity: significant time saving in taking images and simple to use. Images can also be taken in remote locations and sent across the world for real-time decision making. 

  • Efficiency: have your “core shed in your pocket” with all your images residing in one device. 

The ScanIT Photo’s Application has a very significant upscale benefit in that it seamlessly integrates and underpins UCP Africa’s ScanIT Digital Logging Tool which will be the spotlight of the next article. Watch this space!!!

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