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UCP Africa’s ScanIT Digital Logging Tool

UCP Africa’s unique innovative workstation-based logging software (non-cloud based) allows the geoscientist to digitally log a borehole using high resolution, undistorted images. The mobility of the program and being touch-enabled allows the user to log from the comfort of their office or as the core is coming out of the drill string therefore still empowering the geoscientist.

The geoscientist can log lithological, structural and geotechnical features to an accuracy of 1.5° and with a precision of < 3°. These features can either be created in the software program if there is a green fields exploration project or can be selected

from a feature list that is created from a dictionary and database import thus allowing standardization of data.

Once a borehole has been fully logged, the data can undergo QA/QC using the 3 projections in the program as well as analysing the excel export. The excel export allows the logging geoscientist and their colleagues to view all recorded features and the geotechnical information per set interval (RQD is automatically calculated by ScanIT-Logging).

ScanIT-Logging has a flagging feature for a geoscientist to flag important logged features to go back and view at the core shed or drill site, especially if a joint must be opened to check strength, roughness etc.

The three projections used in ScanIT logging are as follows:

  • Composite projection (“strip log”) which enables the geologist to view the logging against the image of the core

  • Orthographic projection that renders a full 3D image of features captured. The projection can also be rotated in multiple directions and outlines the interaction of multiple planes

  • Stereonet projection which has an equal angle, polar and planar displays

Valuable benefits of ScanIT-Logging for the geoscientist are many:

  • Unique ability to log digitally on images

  • Time saving when logging as there is automatic depth referencing (UCP Africa’s core depth markers have OCR numbers that will be read by ScanIT), depth referencing ruler is updated when forced breaks are removed or entered, enabled gap detection automatic display of core recovery and display of loses or gains between runs.

  • Customization of settings to user preference.

  • Allows a defined audit trail and standardisation of data

  • Reduction of human error.

  • Allows logging next to the drill site, to ensure no backlog and orientation is not lost. 

  • Calculation of beta angle along with dip and dip direction.

  • QA/QC of logged data. 

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