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UCP Africa Core Trays


UCP Africa Core trays design are modern, innovative, ergonomical and has superior HSE compliance. The product is the culmination of years of intense research addressing legacy constraints and to be sustainable well into the future. The core trays are constructed of high grade Zinc-Alume with UV stabilized plastic ends. We also have clients throughout Africa, Europe and South America.

Key Safety Aspects 

  • The core trays are designed to optimize safe handling with class leading multiple handling points and ergonomic sides for safe and controlled handling

  • Stacking positions of the core trays ensure that the fingers of the person are away from the weight bearing locations

  • No sharp edges, ensuring safe interaction with the trays

  • Maximum weight has been limited by design with overall weight of any tray being below 50kg (a PQ core tray holding granitic core will weight approximately 47.11kg in total)

Key Benefits to the End-User: 

  • Ease of geological logging with increased core access and visibility (48% core visibility)

  • Inconsequential contamination

  • Quick onsite assembly which allows for decreased transport, storage and assembly costs (no welding    or pop rivets required,)

  • UV stabilized plastic ends with sufficient writing space (a force of over 1 ton is required to remove plastic end once secured to the zin-alume body)

  • Excellent water drainage

  • Stackability and inter-stackability of the different size core trays

Additional Primary Benefits: 

  • Avoid bottlenecks in core splitting and core logging operations

  • Avoid high cost of transport and storage of core trays in waiting

  • Increased ability to manually handle the core tray

  • Provide a product which is both safe and cost effective

  • Colour-coded plastic ends for ease of reference in storage 

All while producing a product which: 

  • Protects and correctly stores valuable core samples

  • Performs all existing required functions of a core tray

Integrated up-scale benefits:

  • Storage pods: fully customised storage pods with a high degree of mobility and storage optimistaion 

  • ScanIT  digital logging tool and Image capture: an innovative solution incorporating high-resolution imaging of UCP Africa core trays and the subsequent fully digital logging of the borehole


Embrace the pinnacle of design and functionality with UCP Core Trays, where superior HSE compliance meets unparalleled durability. Having the option of use, design and performance has never been easier. 

UCP creates innovative products for the innovative clients. 

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